Things to do while you are not in school. And yeah, just staring at palm trees is okay too.

We know, we know, school isn’t everything. Time after class is time to enjoy, relax, meet people, practice what you have learned and enjoy the amazing surrounding nature and fun things to do in Trancoso. Be sure that besides classes, you have a lot to do in Trancoso!

 Cultural activities, sports, sightseeing and a wonderful nature is within reach. The beach is always just around the corner and with so many options to choose from we are sure you will have the time of your life. Even after class!

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.

– TL

  • Learn Portuguese in Brazil


With percussion and berimbau being part of the corporal game, Capoeira takes Brazilian ginga to the world. In Bahia and Pernambuco, it is considered by Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) an immaterial patrimony of humanity. The Capoeirista does not fight, he plays, in a mixture of dance and martial art. Our local group, Capoeira Sul da Bahia, would feel honoured if you would join the “roda” (circle) no matter what your level is.


In Trancoso, the confluence of river and sea makes a great diversity of aquatic sports possible. At the Nativo beach and the Rio da Barra, you can paddle on the river, walk 20 steps and practice kite surfing in the sea. Diving, canoeing, stand up paddle, kite surfing and long board can be practiced in the crystal clear waters of our beaches. The natural pools of Espelho, 16 km from the center of Trancoso, are ideal for snorkeling.


An important part of the local culture is the cuisine. Like the language, Bahian food has Indigenous, Portuguese and African influences. Typical dishes are the famous acarajé, muqueca and tapioca. We offer courses of Brazilian cuisine in all its diversity with chefs of the region. The region from South of Bahia to Espirito Santo, the closest neighbour state, is worldwide the one that has the greatest biodiversity of plants. Thus, there is a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and leaves that enrich the palate possibilities.


Trancoso offers a lot of trips to the beautiful beaches in the surroundings: Itaquena, Rio da Barra, Espelho, Caraíva and Arraial d’Ajuda can be reached by car, bicycle, quadricycle or by foot. It is also possible to get to know the Pataxó village in Caraíva or in Santa Cruz de Cabrália, participating in purification rituals. If you want to know museums and a little more of Brazil’s history, the city of Porto Seguro, one hour from Trancoso offers attractions for all tastes.


Brazil is the country of Carnival, so you can imagine how much fun it can be, learning about this culture and enjoying the Brazilian way of life. In addition to the language classes, Trancoso Linguistics hosts cultural events like karaoke, film and poem evenings.


Brazilian cinema goes beyond films that portray the periphery like “Cidade de Deus” and “Central do Brasil”, both nominated for an Oscar. We invite you to watch with us the most thoughtful dramas, comedies, love stories and national classics.


There is music about everything in Brazil, so nothing fairer than knowing it closely and personal on pleasant and open nights, not just for students but for the community of Trancoso. In addition to nights dedicated to live music, the village offers Samba, Forró, Axé and other national rhythms for those who like to dance.

Brazil is not what you see but what you feel. Once you spend time here – a week, two weeks – you get in the vibe. It’s really intoxicating.

‒Francisco Costa