Translates into “Hi! How are you?” in Portuguese. Already starting, hm?

Trancoso Linguistics offers you an unforgettable stay in the colorful Southern part of Bahia, one of the most beautiful coasts in Brazil, along with highly qualified language teaching and competent support through the entire stay. TL is located about 2 minutes from the historical center, 15 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes to the commercial center.

Our highly qualified teachers, most of them fluent in other languages, engage you from day one and take you step by step to the next level. We offer group and individual classes, intensive and refreshing courses. We do this with all our love and passion and enjoy nothing more than seeing students grow their skills day by day.

A different language is a different vision of life.

– Federico Fellini


Trancoso is a district of the Brazilian municipality of Porto Seguro, on the coast of the state of Bahia. Located approximately 70km from Porto Seguro and 600km from Salvador da Bahia. Trancoso was rediscovered by the hippies in the 70’s. It is an exotic town that attracts people from all over the world. Its origin dates from 1586 when the Jesuits settled down to catechize the Indians. Formerly Trancoso was an indigenous village inhabited by Pataxó Indians. The colorful houses around the church of Saint John Baptist’s are known as “Quadrado” (translated square), considered one of the most valuable historical sites in the South of Bahia.


The world is constantly growing. Borders are overpassed. Cultures merge into one another. Foreign languages are essential tools that help us move in this modern, technological world. In addition to provide high quality language courses, Trancoso Linguistics is also a meeting point for different cultures. We want to bring the world to Trancoso and show the world what Trancoso has to offer.

We supply full professional support for the successful accomplishment of the language course. We are promoting the cultural exchange of natives and students through weekly events and reunions.


We truly believe, that the most successful way to learn a foreign language is entering in the culture. Listening and dancing to music, practicing local sports, cooking typical food, reading books and watching movies in the foreign language. Like Haruki Murakami, a japanese author and translator already said: “Learning a new language, is like becoming another person.”

So Trancoso Linguistics provides interactive learning, combined with grammar and conversation, as well as the integration of cultural activities.
Lessons are taught in Portuguese. Games, music, videos, and other learning materials are used to develop listening and speaking skills.
We from Trancoso Linguistics are completely in love with the Brazilian Portuguese and would feel honoured to transmit this passion to you.


Often times when people arrive at our school we receive the feedback that it doesn’t look like a school but more the combination of an art gallery and stylish living room. And this is right, we took great care when desiging the space and put much love in every detail. We believe the environment affect us greatly and why not study in a place where you look forward to hang out afterwards to have a coffee or watch a film with other students? We have books to read, free flow of coffee and tea and host regular events to meet and greet the local community as well. Portraits from people from all over the world cover the walls to get inspired to step into the adventure of learning a new language.


  • Quality first!
  • Teaching with responsibility, transparency and commitment
  • Professional support before and during the entire language stay
  • Respect! Everything starts with respect. We value and respect each other and divergent cultural differences
  • Achievement – Hard work and courage leads to success!
  • Empowering people to reach their full potential

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.

‒Rita Mae Brown