Welcome to Trancoso Linguistics, Brazil’s #1 tropical language school next to Bahia´s beaches.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese in the charming artist town Trancoso. An old hippie village, surrounded by tropical rainforest and the most beautiful white sand beaches. At Trancoso Linguistics we teach you Brazilian Portuguese all the way, with all our heart and love for the language and culture. Life here is inspiring and safe, as we are far away from the hustle of big city life. Studying in tranquility and security lets you dive deep into the Brazilian way of life. Our highly qualified teachers engage you from day one and take you step by step to the next level.

We offer group and individual classes, intensive and refreshing courses. We study not just the language, but also all the exciting cultural aspects Brazil has to offer. From music, to spiritual traditions like Umbanda and Orixás, Capoeira, dance and poetry. In summary, a true Paradise is waiting for you, offering limitless fun activities in your free time, like surfing, horse riding, diving, expeditions and dance nights. Occasions where you can put in practice what you have learned right away.

9 Reasons you should learn portuguese with us

What our students say about us

Trancoso as a city is already breathtakingly beautiful, but together with having found TL  I had the best time of my life. After just a few weeks i was speaking with new friends and it changed everything. Amazing teachers and community!!

AnnikkiFilmmaker from Berlin

The moment I arrived i felt like home. Was super inspiring to study with you guys, loved the school and all the amazing activities.
Didn’t know that learning a language can be so fun!

Franco MoritiItaly

This is the best combination of school and relaxed beach life that i could come up with. Studying during the day and catching waves in the evening. Learning grammar in the morning and studying capoeira in the afternoon. My love for Brasil grew every day more! Thanks so much!! Obrigado!